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Today is 13 July 2013 and the world is in recession.... my teaching load has been cut and I have MUCH TIME on my hands for the foreseeable future

I have decided to spend some of it on re-building this Barbados Photo Gallery website.

The return of my WEEKLY BAJAN NEWSLETTER is a priority and you can read them HERE .... former readers who liked my controversial and entertaining spin on the NEWS can check it out !

Additionally, my next task is a BARBADOS BEACH BOARD which will offer photos of all the islands beaches.... and accurate updated information about their current state (Seamoss, Safety and other changeable information)

I wish very much to interact with FANS OF THIS WEBSITE... and you are encouraged to contact me by your favorite method.... FACEBOOK, email:, phone: +1 246 230-4818

Thank you for your interest in the Barbados Photo Gallery.... I really appreciate it... YOU are the reason I continue doing this !

Stephen Mendes


BELOW is the historical introduction that was published in 2007.... how the time flies !

Thank you for visiting the Barbados Photo Gallery today, this letter introduces the website.... it tells you how we came to exist, where we are right now, and where we hope to be in the future.

A Bit of History

In the late 1990's, I was one of only a handful of Barbadians who had internet access and the only one who had a personal website in Barbados.

Since I have many interests and hobbies it was quite easy for me to find content for such a website, but it was my photos of the island that attracted the most attention.

My first and immediate audience was homesick Bajan students in foreign Universities, these found me easily through searches, as I was the ONLY Barbadian with a website who was actually resident in Barbados.

I took pictures of places they wanted to see and gave them all the news of home.... and I would call their families and friends on the phone to deliver messages for them.

I quickly became known among the Bajan diaspora worldwide, as the site grew I added a Bajan web board and a Chatroom.... both were highly successful... in it's heyday, the Chatroom was occupied 24 hours a day.... folks would leave their computers logged in all night, so as not to "miss" anything.

From the start this website was fiercely patriotic.... Bajan culture and dialect was encouraged.... and the theme said it all, "Uniting Bajans Around The World"

My photos, news and commentary were all designed to minister to the Bajan away from home.

The Decline

By late 2003, the site was in decline..... new technologies, competition, the onslaught of Spam, Porn and Hackers all worked to errode the environment we had enjoyed..... The Guesbook, The Web Board and finally the Chatroom were removed one by one because of vicious attacks.... eventually to be replaced by "safe" alternatives that no longer supported "anonimity" (Barbadians cherish ANONIMITY like nothing else on earth).

I lost interest and the Gallery was updated less frequently..... it became hard to index it properly.... and whole sections were NEVER updated (although I added quite a few new photos... they remained in the "New Photo" state... never actually geeting put in their rightful place in the Gallery).

The Future

While it is not possible to rewind the clock, I have decided to concentrate once again on regular updates of the PHOTO content.

Over the next few weeks you will see many changes on the pages..... New Photos will be added.... and existing ones re-arranged....

Moreover I have decided to get out of the Forum business.

There are now MANY Barbadian forums out there and this one will hardly be missed..... since the majority of "members" never post to it anyhow.

In it's place, I will post frequently in the form of News and Update pages on the Barbados Photo Gallery.

and go back to running commentary along with my photos..... which will be better identified in future... and added more frequently.

Since my experience shows that most seem to prefer to read .... rather than write....

I will do all the writing..... and whosoever wishes may then do the reading

If you are, were or wish to be a "regular" visitor to my website.... wont you please write me with your suggestions, ideas and advice?.... at

Thank you


Stephen Mendes

Contact Information:

Stephen Mendes                        Tel: (246) 230-4818
Doverdale, Nelson Road                     (246) 266-8027
Navy Garderns, Christ Church