I would like to encourage you to take an Island Safari tour !

the official tour begins at Gunhill (but the drivers pick you up from your hotel)
here is the view from Gunhill...

tourists getting a history lesson on the lion at Gunhill... the signal station... Christmas candle flower at Gunhill.

refreshments are served (rumpunch or softdrinks and snacks) when the other vehicles arrive

crossing an ancient bridge in the wilderness.... workers in the fields, fascinated with our caravan

fantastic view from Hackleton's cliff of the entire east coast as the travellers enjoy refreshments

the caravan descends from Hackelton's cliff to continue with the journey

Banana trees on the road to Bathsheba.... the travellers refresh themselves at Bathsheba

Morgan Lewis mill... A chattel house.. Sorrel plant from which the Christmas drink is made... a view from Cove Bay.. all these in St. Lucy

The rugged cliffs at Cove Bay another place where the Caravan stops


© copyright 2002 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.